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Knowing that you have a Self Storage in Dromana facility in which you can store entertainment dinner sets, miscellaneous pots, pans, dishes and cups keeps your pantry uncluttered. If you have trouble trying to find items in your pantry, the right organisation strategy may offer help. In addition to the ease of locating different food items, your food stays fresher. Here are a few organisation tips:

1. Store items in see-through containers.

Storage containers help every person in your family find favourite items. Glass containers are best because they help prevent unwanted pests from nibbling on your food. Use your Self Storage in Dromana facility to store large tin cans that do not fit in your pantry. Your goal is locate snacks and cook meals without a fuss.

Here are some super organised pantries to help you get started:

Pantry Labels

Source: Classy Clutter

This is ultimate pantry goals with this open shelving! Store anything and everything to make more room in your kitchen!

Source: Homes to Love

Organised pantry using clever storage solutions such as baskets, jars and clear containers

Source: The Home Edit

I've compiled some of my favourite pantries to inspire me to organise my friends pantry, hopefully you will be able to find some pantry inspiration too!

Source: The Organised Housewife

Could I ever be this organized? Gwyneth Paltrow's Pantry Will Motivate You to Reorganize Your Own

Source: Pop Sugar

A butler’s pantry used to be a luxury item. I remember we put them in the penthouses of the last Mirvac project I worked on in 2007 (just before my son was born!), and everyone was “Ooooo … Aaaaahhhh”. I recall including a concealed area of benchspace and walk-in-pantry in a renovation design done in 2006, because we had this dead space at the end of the kitchen. It’s been such a hit for the homeowners. Now, butler’s pantries are making their way into most homeowners’ lists for their family h...

Source: Undercover Architect



2. Benefit from storing miscellaneous products in baskets.

Baskets are perfect containers for storing miscellaneous products including small spice bottles and vinegar. You can also add a few racks to the shelves to increase your storage space. Plastic bins enable you to store items in an organised manner.



3. Label all items with precision.

Place a large written label on every container. Finding the exact products you need in a hurry is an easier process when all of the baskets, containers and bins have labels.




4. Keep similar food products together.

Store bags filled with pasta near tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, pepper, oregano, basil, thyme and garlic powder.



5. Take an inventory twice a week.

With your trusty pen and a notepad, write down the items you need to replenish products on your next shopping excursion. It is a good idea to buy products before they disappear rather than wait until the last minute. Keeping an inventory of everything in your pantry helps you stay one step ahead.



6. Clean and straighten out the items each day.

Take a few minutes each day to straighten out stragglers that somehow moved onto the wrong shelf or into an erroneous basket. Next, take a dry, clean cloth or sturdy paper towel and wipe around the containers to clear off any food particles.



7. Keep duplicate items on the bottom shelf or in Self Storage in Dromana

If you occasionally find sales that are impossible to resist, you may have accumulated duplicate items. If so, storing packages and bottles on the bottom shelf makes it easier to find the extra products.



8. Use zippered plastic storage bags to store similar products.

Store crackers, candy and soup packages in large zippered plastic storage bags. Zippered bags are sturdy and inexpensive, plus they help you keep your pantry organised.

9. Use the top shelf to store toasters and blenders

You may have several appliances that you do not currently use. If so, store them on the top shelf of your pantry for easing viewing. Consider putting any items you don’t reguarly use into self storage in Dromana.



10. Keep barbecue sauce, mustard and ketchup together.

Make a space on one of the shelves for storing condiments. Remember to take advantage of your Self Storage in Dromana unit for storing large bottles of ketchup and m

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