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If you’re getting ready to move house, you’re going to have to pack a lot of boxes. To keep your house clutter free during the moving process, you can move your belongings into Self Storage on the Mornington Peninsula from Rosebud Mini Warehousing while you wait for your new house to be ready. When you’re preparing for your move, it’s important you pack your boxes the right way to keep your belongings protected.

Use the correct box type

There are different types of boxes available, and it’s important you utilise the correct type of box for the items you’re packing.

For example, when you’re packing lightweight items like plastic products and clothes, you can use tea chest cartons. If you’re packing heavier items you’ll need to utilise boxes that are designed to hold more weight.

Don’t stuff your boxes

It’s easy to stuff as many things into the least number of boxes as possible, but it’s important you avoid this. Stuffing boxes makes them extremely heavy, which will not only make the moving process more difficult, but will also mean you run the risk of your boxes breaking and damaging your possessions.

Protect your breakables

Your delicate breakables are the items most at risk of breaking during the moving process. When you’re packing boxes with breakable items like dishes and glasses, individually wrapping each item in some form of protective material, like bubble wrap, foam, or packing paper, is essential.

Marking boxes with breakable items as ‘fragile’ will also let you know when to take more care while moving boxes in or out of your Self Storage on the Mornington Peninsula.

Pack your boxes smartly

If you don’t pack the inside of your boxes correctly, it can cause damage to your belongings. The heavier items you own, like books, should be placed on the bottom, while lighter items, like clothes, should go on the top. Stacking your items this way will prevent things from being crushed.

When you’re packing your Self Storage on the Mornington Peninsula or you’re unloading the boxes into your new home, the heavier boxes should go on the bottom.

Label everything

When it’s time to start setting up your new home, there will probably be boxes everywhere. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s important you clearly label each box when you first pack it.

Don’t just label what room the box is from, but be specific about its contents. For example, don’t just label ‘living room’, label ‘living room: children’s DVDs’. This will help you unpack your boxes in the right place and in the right order – there’s no point unpacking the DVDs before the DVD cabinet is ready.


Learning how to pack your boxes in the correct manner will make the moving process a little less stressful, as will utilising Self Storage on the Mornington Peninsula from Rosebud Mini Warehousing.

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