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Kitchen appliances could be viewed as small and insignificant but they play a vital role and should, therefore, be taken care of in the right manner. Their storage as well should be applicable and safe to help them work effectively even after storage. Below is a list of a few appliances and how they should be stored;


A blender is a useful appliance in the kitchen and in most instances, it gets stored on the countertops for easy access especially if it gets used often. If it needs to be stored, it should be disassembled and cleaned considering that it has various components that make it complete. If one has blended fruits with components of rye, it should be cleaned thoroughly as it is stubborn which could cause staining. Upon cleaning, they should be dried to make sure that they do not rust or form mould due to dampness. When storing for a long time, it should be placed in its original box and stored in cabinets where they fit without being forced.


Being an electric gadget, a toaster should be connected to power only when it is being used. In regards to storing a toaster, it should be wiped off all the grease to keep it clean especially if the toasted bread is made from rye which can cause stubborn stains. It can be stored on the countertop if it gets used often. For long-term storage, a toaster can be placed in its original box and get stored in a cabinet where it fits well. If it is corded, the cord should be wrapped around it and if un-corded, it should be stored together to avoid misplacement when storing time is over.


All the components of a coffee maker should always be kept clean and dry and avoid over storing coffee in the maker. Once the coffee is made, it should be transferred to avoid the coffee maker from discolouring. Depending on how often it gets used, it can be stored in nearby spaces but if being stored for long, it can be kept in high cabinets in their boxes where they will be safe from damage.


Being a delicate and expensive appliance, the microwave should be handled and stored with a lot of care. The countertop near power supply is one area it can get placed depending on how many times it gets used in a day. If long-term storage is needed, it is good to identify a space away from the kitchen that is safe like the basement or pantry. The microwave should be stored while clean to guarantee it works well after being stored irrespective of how long it takes.


Electric kettle

Before storing an electric kettle, it should be inspected if it has any damages that can cause it to become faulty after storage. Additionally, it should be cleaned and dried to keep away rust which could affect its functionality which could, in the end, cause a lot of damage to power supplies as well. While storing them, they can as well be placed in their original boxes for easy identification once the storing period is over. If it does not have a box, it should be stored in a labeled package to help find it without much struggle.


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