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Although we are only a quarter through 2019, it is important to think ahead by studying the 2019 interior design trends to make the most of your space. This article shares some interesting interior design 2019 trends you should consider for your home alongside resourceful tips from highly qualified interior design experts at Dromana Storage.


Mural Wallpaper

The use of wallpapers has resurfaced because of the introduction of new patterns and colors that are easy to install and because of the resurgence, wall murals have also become popular. According to interior design experts, wall art category has grown immensely and it continues to be popular especially in-home spaces.

While a bigger piece of art is very expensive, mural wallpapers are much cheaper, yet they offer the same solution. In addition, they are easy to install and remove, hence you can change the look of your interior as often as you desire. Wall murals allow you to express your personal touch and style.


Coined Nightwatch Green

You cannot talk about interior design trends without mentioning colors, and one of the most trending colors in 2019 is the coined Nightwatch green color. This color is the best alternative to bottle green and hunter green. The moodier feel that the color radiates smoothly replaces the on-trend matte black and fits well with most interior decors including high-shine finishes.

If an interior has a lot going on, you may want to small yet notable ways to introduce the color such as a deep green rug or vibrant textile painted against the luminous marble floor.

Velvet Furnishings

In the past. people used to view velvet as stuffy and old fashioned, but today it is regarded as a funky and luxurious option for interior décor. Velvet furnishings have started to get attention and many interior designers believe it is a trending theme. There are different types of velvet furnishings on the market that can fit with different styles of interior décor.





Big, Bold Plants

Big, bold plants are one of the most talked about interior design in 2019. A rubber tree, dragon tree or any types of palm tree appeal in any part of the house. You can put one plant on each side of your sofa or in any corner of the house. The bigger the better.

Adding plant life to the interior décor is unique than other interior design trends in 2019 because you do not depend on aesthetics but you have to allow the plants to grow and take care of them. You will also need to adhere to instructions on where they are supposed to be placed in your home. You should always check how much water and sunlight the plants require before you buy to make sure they flourish in their environment.


Mix and Match Patterns

Patterns crucial this season as it helps to counteract minimalist looks. The main goal is to ensure the color palette is the same, as far as tone is concerned. For instance, things should have the same level of softness and everything is balanced.


Eclectic Clutter

When a home has a lot of things going on and you cannot use it anymore, it can cause chaos. This is where you introduce eclecticism. However, one of the biggest worries with using this aesthetic is its inability to be used for function. Everything that you purchase should have a purpose. 2019 is definitely a year of purpose and reduction in the things used to the style, so, people are bidding goodbye to electric clutter and keep them in your Dromana Storage facilities.


Convertible urban dwellings

Convertible urban dwellings are the most intriguing, yet sensible interior design trends in 2019. Everyone years for a home brimming with incredible designs that make every tiny space great and practical.

Lastly, you can hire Dromana Storage experts to help you with storage of your interior decor items.

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