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Holidays mean so much. People want and need a chance to get totally away from their ordinary life. If you have vacation time, you want to use it really well. A brand new place you’ve never stepped foot in before can be just the ticket to a whole new outlook in life. This is the time to think about global travel. International world travel is much easier than ever before in today’s world. Pick from many destinations and have an amazing time. Storage Dromana has put together a list of some of the most unique places that should be on your personal travel list right now.


tourist posing for the camera while standing in front of a lake in ecuador

This small South American nation has long been a place to stop off on the way to somewhere else. Today, it’s a good place to visit by itself. You’ll be rewarded with an incredible amount of things to do. So you’ll want to pack items you’ve been keeping in Storage Dromana and head right here. Begin with a trip to the Galapagos Islands. These amazing islands are where the world of scientific discovery first began when Darwin and his crew went ashore. Today, it’s one place to hop to with a naturalist at your side. Make time for impressive Quito where the streets are full of treasures like the Jesuit Church of the Society of Jesus.


a stunning beach resort boasting white sand and clear blue ocean water

One of the world’s smallest nations, these islands in the Pacific are a nature lover’s dream. This is a good choice for people who want to bring their camping gear from Storage Dromana and see the world on their own. While you can find lots of fancy resorts, chances are you’ll want to do lots of exploration at your own pace. See To Sua Ocean Trench. It’s full of incredible rock pools teeming with wildlife and warm waters for a sweet afternoon swim.


Located in the heart of Africa, Namibia is a dream destination for people who want to get up close and personal with wildlife of all kinds. Many national parks can be visited for a small fee. You’ll also find acres of beaches that invite you to bring along your favorite summer items from Storage Dromana and sit back as you watch the sun go down. There’s places like Etosha National Park that should be on your must see list when you’re planning a trip. The guided safaris offered by highly trained park officials are not to be missed.

Papua New Guinea

small islands surrounded by clear blue water in west papua new guinea

You’re going to want to get a tour guide to help you get to know this amazing part of the world in person. This is one country that has places you’ll never forget. It’s a stunningly diverse nation with a linguistic heritage that is second to none in the modern world. A sing-sing festival should be on your list of things to hear in person. This is when locals get together to demonstrate their own personal take on historic songs. Listen as they sing and watch as they dance to delightful tunes in front of your eyes.

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