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Comic books have a history that spans more than a century in Australia. With more and more Hollywood films about superheroes, comic books have become even more popular in recent years. While a single comic book on its own is small, the sheer number of available comic books means you can quickly run out of storage space in your home. If you’re looking for a place to securely store your entire comic book collection, consider using Self Storage on the Mornington Peninsula from Rosebud Mini Warehousing.

Unit selection

The compact nature of comic books means even the smallest storage unit can house a large collection. Rosebud Mini Warehousing has plenty of unit sizes available, so you can find the perfect unit size for your collection.

With some comic books being incredibly valuable, using a Self Storage on the Mornington Peninsula facility with high security features is important. Rosebud Mini Warehousing has excellent security features, including CCTV surveillance, automated gates, and motion detector alarms. Even if none of your comic books are particularly valuable now, you never know how priceless they might become in the future!


Preparing your comics before moving them into Self Storage on the Mornington Peninsula will help protect them from damage. Inspect each comic book and remove anything that could cause rust or transfer acids to the page. This includes items such as rubber bands, paper clips, and bookmarks.

Protective bags

To ensure your comic books remain readable, you should limit their exposure to air. Storing your comic books inside protective bags or plastic sleeves will help protect the pages from fading over time.

Cardboard backing

Putting some cardboard backing in between your comic books will help prevent them from creasing. It also reduces the likelihood of damaging the spine. Make sure you purchase acid-free boards for the best results.

Proper placement

Store your comic books vertically in boxes, rather than creating large stacks in boxes or on the floor. Creating large stacks will damage the comic books stored on the bottom of the piles. In the box, each comic book should be touching the base of the box. Only stack a maximum of four boxes on top of each other to avoid crushing the comic books in the bottom box.  

Self Storage on the Mornington Peninsula from Rosebud Mini Warehousing is a much safer environment for storing your comic books than a cramped closet or dank basement. Contact the team of Self Storage experts to learn more about your storage options today.

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