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Camping gear can be expensive depending on the quality of the camping gear that is purchased. When purchasing the items the goal is to use it and own these items for a long time so that they can be used for a few decades. In order for camping gear to last a long time it is imperative that it is stored properly while travelling and even more so while it is not in use.

Step One: Clean It


Environmental wear and tear like rain, water, wind, heat, sand all affect camping gear. It is important that after an amazing trip, all pieces of gear are cleaned and dried. Storing camping gear while still unclean will most definitely cause equipment to be damaged with mould, or broken by pest that were attracted to the equipment because of the lack of cleanliness. It should be completely dry especially any equipment that is folded when put away.

Step Two: Where to Store Camping Gear

There are a few questions to ask when thinking about which items need to be stored where and for how long. For clean camping gear that will not be used for a while, needing long term storage, Mornington Peninsula Storage has a lot of options to make storing equipment simple and stress-free which is important.

Gear is best all stored in the same area so that nothing is lost or forgotten when trying to find the items later on for use. Smaller containers that are labelled and used for individual items should be organised into larger bins. Clear bins are preferred because it makes searching for items easier and provides safety when searching where tools could be present.

Larger bins that are durable and can be easily transported will make travelling to the camping location easier.

Mornington Peninsula Storage is preferred especially when there is no space at home to store camping items in a neat, orderly, and convenient fashion.

A plastic drawer set is a neat way to organise, protect, and store camping gear. It can be placed in a Mornington Peninsula Storage unit or a car for car camping and everything is at arms reach.

Step three: Storage Area Accessories

Any sized plastic drawer set, peg boards, and shelves are three great ways to keep the camping storage area neat, protected and space sufficient. Peg boards are great to hang anything lightweight and small. Lightweight backpacks are also great to hang on a pegboard. Make sure the backpack is closed and is not hanging over anything; that would make it seem crowded and cluttered. Tools are also great to keep on a pegboard especially if they are used for projects at home and not just while camping.

A tent placed in a pillowcase, not wrapped up too tightly can go on a shelf and be protected from a pest that could nuzzle in a folded tent or even a tent that is too close to the ground. Labelled shelves keep everything organised, clutter-free, and off the floor.

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