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Do you want to move houses or do you need to free some space in your house? Well, self-storage, irrespective of whether it is long or short-term, is a great way to achieve this. But how can I do it right? While self-storage is not complicated, it turns out that it can be messy if not done the right way. Mornington Peninsula Storage says that people can achieve self-storage if they optimize their storage space and keep everything safe. However, to achieve this, you will be required to take a few extra steps. Here are five self-storage tips and tricks that you must know.

1. Use Dryer Sheets to Repel Pests

dryer sheetsYou can’t reach optimum self-storage if you can’t protect your belongings from pests. Some people store their belongings only to find later that some pests such as spiders, rats, moths, among others, wreak havocked their stuff. Mornington Peninsula Storage advises people to cover their belongings with dryer sheets as they are good pest repellents. They produce a smell that is irritating to pests hence keeping them away from your belongings. If you can find a place free from pests, the better since you are supposed to replace dyer sheets every month.

2. Label the Boxes

moving boxes

The first thing that you should do when you finish packing your belongings in the boxes is to label them when moving. Well, the same idea works perfectly with self-storage units too. Labeling the items relieves you from confusion in the future. However, you should not only label your boxes but should also ensure that the boxes’ details are capture adequately. For instance, instead of giving general namings like “living room stuff,” label the contents that are in each box. You will then know what to find in the box before even opening it.

3. Protect your Valuables

It is normal to forget to take extra precautions during self-storage. Most people just assume that there is no involved danger since their items will be sitting in the storage. However, dont forget that you will be sticking boxes onto each other, and you will be required to move them around the storage unit periodically. Therefore, if you didn’t take extra precautions, the danger of damaging your items increases. Mornington Peninsula Storage directs that people should wrap their fragile items with bubble wrap to ensure that they are safe.

4. Treat the Leather

This is for people who are storing leather furniture. Anything that is leather should be cleaned well and preserved before storage. You can treat your leather items using a leather conditioner to ensure that they will come out of storage looking good as new.

5. Don’t Store Anything Super Valuable

valuable items

Well, if you can’t afford to lose it, please don’t store it. In most cases, your belongings will be safe, and there can be nothing to worry about. However, we all know that self-storage comes with some risks. Yes, items can either get lost or damaged. To be safe, follow the general rule, and store only what you can afford to lose.

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