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Are you planning to sell your home or remodel it, or maybe you want to store seasonal items to keep them safe till next season? Fragile items need special handling to protect them from harm. Therefore, you need to come up with a viable strategy on how to use proper supplies to make storage of fragile items easy.

Some daunting items to pack when moving or repairing your house are mirrors, glassware, and antiques, to mention a few. Here are hacks that Storage Rosebud have put together to store fragile items safely.

Use Sturdy, New Quality Boxes

a pile of cardboard boxes on the floor

Items such as glassware should be stored in crush-proof or crush-resistant containers. This will go a long way in preventing breakage in case stacking happens. Also, Storage Rosebud recommends boxes that guarantee a secure top closure.

Wrap the Items

It is prudent to wrap fragile items when storing them. You can use a packing paper, a bubble wrap, or a tissue paper depending on the size of your item. Surprisingly, household items such as blankets and towels can be used to wrap relatively large items such as mounted pictures and TVs.

Once you have wrapped your item, leave adequate space on either side of the items to insert cardboard dividers. Don’t forget to fold the items with padding to craft a shock-absorbent barrier.

Consider Using Packaging Tapes

A Man Packing Cardboard Box With Sellotape

Packaging tapes vary with the size of the item that is in question. Also, you need to consider the weight of an item when purchasing packing tape. Storage Rosebud says that quality storage tape can last nearly a decade. A good tape should have a thicker mil to add strength to your box and improve protection against spills, bumps, and traumas.

Insert A Bubble Wrap for Cushioning

a person wrapping bubble wrap on an empty bottle

When packaging your items, leave space for a bubble wrap in between your items and on the box walls for cushioning. A bubble wrap will prevent the items from getting crushed in case of stacking. If you are storing more fragile items such as dishes, glasses, or bowls, ensure you wrap each item individually.

Choose Suitable Shaped and Sized Boxes

plates inside a cardboard box wrapped in bubble wrap

Storage Rosebud offers a variety of quality boxes you can choose from. The size of the storage box matters a lot; the larger it is, the more difficult it will be to lift or move. Besides, when using oversized boxes, you might be tempted to combine items that could be better stored separately. It is prudent to use smaller, easy to lift boxes to avoid shifts and drops that occur due to overloading and uneven loads.

Mark Boxes as Fragile

cardboard boxes stacked

It is important to mark fragile boxes, especially when moving. This informs whoever comes across the boxes to handle them with care. Refrain from placing other boxes on top of those containing fragile items.

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