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At Rosebud Self Storage in Mornington Peninsula, we have plenty of Self Storage spaces to suit just about any need. What about some clever storage ideas for home?

    1. Plastic crates

Plastic crates can be bought from Bunnings on Masters in all shapes and sizes, some have wheels and they can be stacked. These take up a lot less space than the item sometimes that are stacked inside them, saving you space.

    2. Use glass jars for storage

Remember your grandfather? At any shed he had glass jars with the lids nailed onto rafters with all of the screws that you could imagine? Well, he was not as mad as you think. Glass jars make a perfect storage container as they come in plenty of different sizes and plenty of different diameters they can also hold a lot of weight.

    3. Use hooks to hang heavy items

Whilst you’re at the hardware store pick up some S-shaped hooks. These are very handy for hanging heavy items in cupboards using the cupboard rail. This get some of those hanging items up off the floor.

    4. Use under the staircase wisely

Use that space under your staircase is gold. Often the stairs are made out of timber and these are exposed under the stairs. You can carefully attach small shelves to each one of these stair treads, creating additional shelving that you just store small items on. As it is a cool dark space it’s also a place where you can store wine. It’s often a good place to store the families outdoor shoes.

Of course some of the storage ideas work for storing items in your Rosbud Self Storage space. The only difference is that you can’t attach anything to the walls. Use your storage space wisely and you won’t need as much of it saving you money. For more information about Rosebud Self Storage click here

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