If you’ve never rented space before, it’s hard to know what to expect from your Self Storage facility – but relax, it’s meant to simplify your life, not cause you grief.

That being said, it makes sense to clarify exactly what your needs and expectations are before you start handing over your cash, so here are some thoughts to ponder.

Where to rent: Location is everything in real estate and it can be a key factor in your choice of facility, depending on how often you need access.

If you need to be there every week, picking up or dropping off the things that need to be stored, then you need to consider travel time. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours every time you make a round trip, so choose a facility within easy reach.

If you don’t need regular access, if your storage needs are effectively set and forget, then there might be some savings in time and money if you rent space further away from where you live and work.

Access: Whether you want to get to your goods every week or on the night of a blue moon, you need to know you can get to them when you choose. While many facilities allow access 24/seven, the one you have selected to rent space in may not. It pays to ask.

Housekeeping: As in, do the owners/operators keep the place clean and well maintained? You may not think that is important – until you find your belongings have been damaged by damp, or pests.

Don’t rent space without first having a look around, and keep your eyes open. It’s also worth asking specific questions about their cleaning and pest control plan.

Security is more than your key: You practice a range of measures at home to keep your family and your belongings safe, and you probably expect your self storage facility to be just as meticulous. Ask what technology and protocols they have in place to ensure your precious possessions are as safe as you expect them to be.

Service with a smile: What sort of welcome do you get when you walk in the door, as a potential customer and a regular client? You may not expect to be treated the way you would be in a five-star hotel, but you do have a right to expect friendly co-operative service from the staff.

These people are effectively the custodians of items that are precious to you. Gracious, courteous behaviour to you hopefully means they pay attention to every aspect of their job; a lack of courtesy may indicate a lack of care in other areas. What would you rather experience?

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