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The Mornington Peninsula is a large area of scenic and marvelous beauty. This is the ideal place to celebrate the new year and all the days during the rest of the year at the same time. You’ll find lots of wonderful places to explore on foot or from a bike. Place items into Storage Dromana for safe keeping and go enjoy the New Year on the Peninsula!

Boneo Maze

Borneo Maze and Mini Golf

Family fun is the order of the day at the maze. This is a great choice for those who want to keep the little ones occupied at the same time as their older kids. All family members can play mini golf. There’s also a giant games garden that offers many hours of fun. Take your items from Storage Dromana and use this time for lots of great family bonding. It’s a location that works for the family any time of the year. A nearby boardwalk lets people get close up with nearby wild spaces and see native wildlife with ease.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs at dusk with lights

Few things are more relaxing than time in a hot, natural spring. The Mornington Peninsula has many fantastic springs that offer the relaxation you need right now. Bring the swimming gear from Storage Dromana and sit back in one of the many natural spring pools. Mineral water is drawn from the underground and hot when it emerges to sooth your skin and relax your tired muscles. This is one space that is ideal for couples and families alike. There are lots of private springs that allow you all the privacy you want. There’s also plenty of public springs that offer maximum pleasure for a small fee.

Point Nepean National Park

Couple cycling along the Nepean Peninsula

History and the natural world are the order of the day right here. Take a walk along the Fort Nepean Discovery Walk. This brings visitors right to the national cemetery. It’s a great opportunity to pay homage to the regional settlement and remember all those who have come to this area in past years. The Walter Pisterman Heritage Walk is another way to get to the know the history of the region and how it come to be in the modern world. Hiking is a fun activity that lets you connect with the natural world. If you’re not quite in the mood to hike, there are bike rentals. Bikes are a good way to see this area and allow you get off and see sites of personal interest.


Sorrento, Victoria beach house and jetty

Home to the region’s first European settlement, Sorrento is a small town with great charm. Stroll the beaches during the day and watch incredible views across the entire peninsula. The beaches are equally enchanting at night when the stars come out in profusion. If you are planning to come here, you’ll want to bring out your sunscreen and other items from Storage Dromana to protect you against the heat. When you’re done with the beaches, the area behind them offers lots of wonderful things to do. This is the place to buy many unique gifts to bring home for any special occasion in the coming year.

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