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Everyone looks forward to renovating their home. It’s a place you’ve lived in for many years and everything seems very familiar to you. Times change and bathrooms and kitchens age just like the rest of us!

At Rosebud Mini Warehousing we have put together some renovating tips to help you avoid some of the common problems that can be encountered:

  • The biggest mistake most people make is that they don’t get the area clean and tidy ready for the renovators. This means that the renovators or you or friends have to move things around at the last minute and move them into other rooms etc. At Rosebud Mini Warehousing, we can help you with a storage space on a short-term basis we can store all of those goods that are in that room so that you don’t clutter up the rest of your home making it easy for the renovator.
  • Be careful and don’t over capitalise. It’s very easy carried away with renovations: kitchens can cost $50,000 or more but be very careful that you don’t over build for the area that you live in is this renovation cost may not be recoupable in the event of a sale.
  • Go out and visit some homes that are for sale in your local area and have a look if they have been renovated as well this will give your good idea to avoid renovating to a style and trend that is not in keeping with your suburb or area.
  • Try to take the emotion out of the renovation of your home. We all get emotionally attached to the places that we live in, but when it comes to renovating be practical and consistent rather than emotional, this will save you time and money!
  • If you’re looking to increase the value of a home with a renovation, make sure that your money is being spent in the areas where it’s easiest to see the value work money that you’ve spent. Kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas are the most obvious places that respond well to renovation.
  • Make sure that the renovation is integrated to the rest of your home by sharing colours rather than introducing new ones; renovations that are really noticeable decrease the value of homes.
  • Unless you’re an expert or a contestant on the “Block”, consider getting the renovation works done by professionals. The work will be done faster, it can be done while you are at work and whilst it may cost more money, the overall result most likely will be better.
  • If you’re changing rooms around work from the outside in, workspaces that flow and expand room sizes make homes look larger and consider getting the floorplan right before you go selecting colours and furnishings and materials.
  • Make sure that you protect items that you do not want to have damaged in the renovation like doors, furniture and other major areas. At Rosebud Mini Warehousing, we have a full range of bubble wrap and plastics that you can use to cover large items ready for the renovators.

Importantly, making it easy for any renovator will save you time and money. At Rosebud Mini Warehousing, we have a full range of packing materials, bubble wrap, tapes and cartons and much more. Come down and meet our friendly staff and we can show you packaging materials that will make a renovation much better than save you money!

Make sure that your renovation team is appropriately licensed. If you have any come back with issues later, the appropriate building organisations in your state can provide you with assistance for works of been completed by licensed builders. They cannot help you if the builder that you use is not licensed.

Make sure you can afford the extra repayments of the renovation and allow for at least a 2 to 3% interest increase as interest rates have most likely bottomed – you need to be able afford that shiny new kitchen!

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