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Yes, you can actually save money by using storage in Mornington Peninsula if you’re moving this year you can understand just how expensive moving can be. Buying packing materials, hiring removalists and cleaning up all cost money.

Self Storage is cheaper at any site in any room in any house to own. So don’t make good sense the downside your home and use storage space. You could even invest savings and use the income partially paved the storage space.

If you move into a new home, take less with you. Nothing is worse than cluttering up a brand-new house. Consider renting a small storage space and store those not so frequently used items that you own. There is no need to trip over this stuff in your new house.

If you are running a business, you will know that times are tough. There are plenty of “For Lease” signs on shops and businesses. Many of those now work from home and combine their home office with the storage space that is convenient to their home. It’s a much cheaper alternative than paying for office space when business is hard. Self Storage also delivered real business saving s given that you need to store business records for at least 7 years. Those tax returns and working space soon add up!

Self Storage also works for clubs and associations. These organisations often have clubrooms but not a lot of place to store equipment for activities. Service Clubs often store trailers and barbeque setups at Self Storage sites as they are safe and secure.

Carefully plan your Storage experience and consider what is rubbish and what you want to keep. This will reduce your storage space size, saving you more money.

Once you have decided on self storage space another way to save even more money is to prepay your storage fees. At this time of the year you will get an immediate tax deduction if you are a business and you can substantiate the deduction. By prepaying, a discount may be available and you also might avoid a rent increase in the future, providing even more of a discount!

Ask our manager on other money saving tips especially if you’re looking for self storage in Mornington Peninsula.

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