If you’re redoing your home, and it is going to be filled with builders and decorators, you should work with a plan, and that plan should include Self Storage.

By placing furniture and other goods in storage, you avoid your furniture and goods being damaged or destroyed by the builders and decorators. Plus, you might want to free up space for them to do their work.

Property can be stored for one month or as long as you need. Our excellent security measures at Rosebud Mini Warehousing will assure you that your property is in safe hands. Access is easy at convenient hours. Enquire about assistance with packaging material, trolleys, forklifts and transport. Find out whether you would need one or two padlocks.

To pick the correct sized Self Storage space, our staff can be consulted. It is surprising how many items will fit into a relative small room if stored correctly.

When tables are stored on their sides, the space under the top will be conveniently accessible for small boxes. Beds and couches stored on their ends take up less floor space.

It is advisable to pack heavy articles into small boxes for easy handling. Label all boxes for contents and rooms. Clean and dry appliances before storing to discourage pests. Leave a refrigerator’s door ajar. Store well-wrapped paintings and framed photographs upright. Do not store flammable agents or irreplaceable valuables in your unit. The latter belongs in a bank.

Familiarise yourself with the security features of the facility. The contents of your unit is not insured unless pre-arranged. It may well be covered under your home-owner’s policy. If not, and you feel the need to insure, you can make use of our facility’s broker or use your own.

Compile an inventory of the stored items and take photos. This will be a great help when you start planning the new layout of your home. An advantage of storing your furniture is the opportunity to view it objectively and to throw out (sell or donate) that what is not needed or those that do not fit in the newly renovated environment.

By having your items in storage, you can now redecorate with a plan, and give your house the spruce up it deserves.

So, work with a plan, call us today at Rosebud Mini Warehousing, and we’ll give you the freedom to welcome builders and decorators in your house. And they will make it a home.

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