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Well it’s time to move and you are going to need some boxes. Where are you going to find them? You could make a trip down to the local fruit market, local supermarket, or even Masters or Bunnings the cardboard cartons they all have a not designed for storing your valuable belongings for moving or storing in Self Storage.

At Rye Self Storage we sell specialist merchandise materials that are made for the Self Storage industry. Cartons in boxes are made from thicker ply cardboard than ordinary product cartons which are designed for one use only. Often these one use only cartons are also contaminated with foodstuffs and chemicals which can damage your goods.

Importantly, the cardboard cartons and boxes that are designed for Self Storage are of a specific size that removalists can easily stack and handle using the equipment that they have. Because they have thicker ply walls you can actually put heavy loads in Self Storage cartons the normal boxes.

With our self storage in Rye we also have specific cartons for specific jobs like TV cartons. Plasma and LCD TVs come in a very special carton and unless you have kept yours then you will need a new one when you need to move your TV as they are delicate and must be protected from damage.

We also have bubble wrap and specialist wrapping paper that is grease free. It’s very important that when you wrap up all of your crockery and glasses and plates from your kitchen that you use grease free paper and not newspaper as newspaper contains printing ink and the printing ink will transfer onto your plates and glasses and on certain plates and crockery you cannot get it off again.

Bubble wrap protects paintings, pictures and odd shaped items in cardboard cartons. Conveniently comes in one metre lengths but we can supply you with a custom length if you need it. We’ll always be available for your self storage requirements near Rye.

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