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There are plenty types of Storage: so why is Self Storage the best way to store personal goods?

Convenience is the number one reason. When you use a Self Storage space, you are the only one with access to that space and the door is locked with a padlock and you are the only one with a key.

This is in contrast to other forms of Storage which includes storing with friends and family and removalist’s and large repository style Storage. When you store your goods with friends it will not always be convenient for you to just call in and access your goods. Murphy’s Law would suggest that when you need to get access to your year and your friends will be out, making it impossible.

Consider our following table comparing Self Storage to your friend’s garage…



Benefit Self Storage Friends Garage Relations spare room
Secure Controlled Entry/Exit PIN Security/CCTV Check the padlock Should be OK
Dry Our Spaces are dry Check the guttering and the roof. What comes under the door? Should be OK
For as long as you need Whatever suits you, pay for what you use Whatever suits them, you could be asked to leave anytime OK until the girlfriend moves in…
Vermin Professional service/regularly checked Mice, ants, moths most likely. Should be OK, who knows?
Clean We pride ourselves, we clean every day. Possibly, probably not. Should be OK, aren’t we all cleaners?
Moving Free move-in truck or trailer and lots of trollies Do the best you can, find some friends, you discover who they are when help is needed! Hire a truck and ask for help to shuffle it into the spare room
Insurance Available for the unexpected, small cost. Who wants to argue with relations or friends about water damage or mice, but you will! They probably don’t offer insurance, you will self insure even if you don’t know it!
Available Many different sizes to suit any need Until they want to put their own things in They want the room  back – ring us!
Cost We have a formal agreement, protecting your goods Cheap until things go wrong; water gets in, mice chew your favorite couch and you have to move it again Cheap – but they don’t really want your stuff or you coming and going
Accessible 7 days a week “Excuse me, do you mind….” “Hi again. I won’t be long…”



Repository style Storage at large removalist companies is not much better. This kind of Storage is designed for long-term no access and is usually priced accordingly. This means that if you want access to your goods that it may not be possible or convenient.

Self Storage spaces in our facility at Rosebud Mini Warehousing offers maximum convenience to Storers. With plenty of different sizes, you only pay for the space that you need and for the term needed. Even when you decide to move out, often the smaller space offers great value, to keep those smaller items very handy, especially if you are living in a unit and you don’t have any Storage space handy. Skis, tents, camping equipment, garden equipment and more come to mind.

Security is very important in Self Storage as well your goods are well secured. You can only access facility with a pin number through our electric gate system.

CCTV surveillance ensures that we are keeping an eye on what is going on in our Self Storage facility. These are the reasons why you should not store with friends, or family. Whilst it might be cheaper alternative, if you lose your goods you also lose a friendship or family acquaintance and that’s just not worth it.

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