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When you’re getting ready to use storage in Rosebud, you can safely set aside a wide range of belongings. Numerous people store books, clothing, furniture, appliances, and collectibles; however, there are several items that you can’t keep inside your storage unit at Rosebud Mini Warehousing.

  1. Never store perishable food or ingredients. You cannot include cereals, meat, bread, fruit, bagged pet food, or any other food items in your storage unit. These goods may produce strong odours and draw pests to the building.
  2. Leave any plants in your home or greenhouse. If you put them in a unit, they might spread or attract harmful parasites. Furthermore, a standard unit may undergo extreme temperature fluctuations that kill plants. Storage units also lack adequate oxygen and sunlight for most plants.
  3. Don’t keep highly flammable substances in a storage facility. Such items include kerosene, propane, petrol, lighter fluid, natural gas, and charcoal. Many of these products emit harmful fumes. You should also avoid storing matches, cigarette lighters, and similar objects.
  4. Hazardous materials may start a fire or otherwise damage the facility. They can also release fumes that harm the health of customers and staff members. Don’t store swimming pool chemicals, paints, fertiliser, batteries, fingernail polish, bleach, insecticides, herbicides, or oil.
  5. You should never attempt to house livestock or pets in a unit. Many units lack lighting, cooling and heating, so keeping animals in storage units is dangerous for their health. Animals may also bother fellow customers. They often create noise, produce unpleasant smells, and attract insects.
  6. Never place any radioactive objects or waste in a storage locker. Radioactivity can pass through containers and walls. Consequently, it may contaminate other possessions or harm people in nearby units. If in doubt, check potentially radioactive items with a dosimeter.
  7. Don’t try to use a locker as an office or home for any period of time. Storage units simply don’t have the necessary lighting, plumbing, or cooling systems to make safe spaces to live and work in every day.

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