We live in a Global Village; and it does not matter if you live in Rosebud, Dromana or Rye, we all move house, we all travel the world, and we all need Self Storage. Rosebud Mini Warehousing is happy to provide storage solutions to locals, and also the many visitors who make use of Rosebud Mini Warehousing storage facilities.

Writing this post, I recall the amounts of times I’ve trotted the globe. Packed up, on the hunt for more adventure and greener pastures. I have called Germany, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia home.

There has always been the family heirlooms and earthly treasures needing storage. I’ve stored furniture and other household items with kind relatives and acquaintances. The storage was always free of cost…but in the end that did add up…

Mould, moisture and damage done by rats changed my mind – and now I always advise fellow world citizens – store with professionals. You can never go wrong, if your provider offers the following:

Protection against the elements: When you are looking into storage providers, you should consider more than dollars. Do go and visit the facility you are interested in and request a viewing.

Give it a good whiff, does it smell “healthy”? Make sure the facilities are dry (and does not smell like mould), that the flooring is level and protected form all elements. It does sound simple but sunlight, rain, pests and rodents can cause great damage over an extended period.

Security: Individual storage needs are varied. Think sensitive documentation, collectable vehicles, art or simple household goods – all with monetary value – either re-replacement value or purpose.

To ensure it’s safe keeping while in storage, a reputable and trustworthy provider should provide you with your own, unique key code to access the location and a separate code or lock option for your unit. Even better if you can choose your key code combination or provide your own lock.

Another must is video surveillance. This adds another security level, indicating the provider is serious about transparency, and security.

Location: When considering fast and easy access, keep distance in mind. Storing retail stock or documents that require fast and easy access, would require a unit with close proximity.

When your intention is travel, and items are to be stored for a long or indefinite period, you should still consider location carefully. Choose a Self Storage facility that is close to your intended return address, allowing for easy collection upon your return. Consider storing close to a trusted person – this will be helpful when offshore and certain items would need to be accessed in an emergency.

Did you know: You might need to revisit your content insurance policies, as items stored away from the insured address, even if household goods, might not be covered by your insurer.

Units size options: Good to choose a provider that offers various storage size options. Your situation might change at any time, and having more or less space at your disposal is always beneficial.

So, if you need to visit Rosebud Mini Warehousing in Rosebud, storage in Dromana or Rye, or you need Self Storage anywhere on the Mornington Peninsula, then it will be worth your interest to check out our Rosebud Mini Warehousing Self Storage facility.

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