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You might have several books and manuscripts sitting in your Rosebud Storage locker, and these items won’t do you much good if you have not brought them back into your home. There are better things to put in your Rosebud Storage unit because you need a library that you can use and enjoy every day. There are some lovely steps listed below, and each of them will change the way that you use your house. Most people assume a library is a place reserved for the ultra-rich who have time and energy to build such a space. However, you can do the same right now.

It doesn’t matter how many books you have, you could use a lot of books in your library if you have a massive stash, or you could make a tiny library in your home that provides you with a little room for reading. You could bring all your books into one room, or you might stretch your library between two rooms. Libraries have multiple rooms, and you want to be sure that you have used a design that makes the most sense for your family.



You need some nice bookcases, and you can buy these bookcases based on how many books you already know you have. You should do the math before you start buying up these furniture pieces because there is a finite number of books that you could fit onto each bookcase. Once you have done your measurements, you can start arranging these bookcases to your liking.

Use one wall

You might choose to stretch all your books along one wall in a room. You might use the wall in the living room that does not have a TV, or you might use a whole wall of your bedroom. Some people will use two walls in a guest room because it isn’t used all that much. The books should be in obvious locations that all seem to tie together, and if you move to another wall, you need to do so with space-saving in mind.

Moving to a second wall requires that the bookcases don’t just into a walkway where people normally go. Plus, you should not put your bookcases behind doors, near beds, or near heat sources like vents.


How tall are the bookcases?

You might have very tall bookcases that hold a lot of books because you have so many volumes to store. However, it would be very unwise of you to use bookcases that do not support weight very well, are really too tall for the room, or are not bolted to the wall. There are special notches you can use to hook the bookcase to the wall for safety, and you might consider doing this if you have small children or pets.

Organize and mark the bookcases

You could organize and mark the bookcases depending on the style of books that you have put there. You might include a section for children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, and textbooks. You might be a scholar who already has hundreds of books in the house, and you could put a different little library in each room that has a certain type of book.


Reading areas

You can make reading areas in your home with relative ease once you have set up the bookcases. The bookcases should provide a forum for a small table and chair where you can read for hours on end if you like. You could make a reading area that has a small lamp, or you might set the table under a light where it will be easier to read. Consider moving the reading area close to a window if you can, and find a place that will be very quiet to read in.


Move out everything you are not reading

You must be honest with yourself about how much you will actually need in the house. The most common problem for homeowners is making a library that contains too many obscure books. Do not get rid of these books. They might be very enjoyable for you. Instead, you should move them back to your Rosebud Storage unit. You can bring them back into the house if they become relevant again.

Your last step should be a bookmark cup, pencil cup, or a checkout system if you loan books to friends. You can keep a little slip of paper on the shelves so that you know who has checked out your books for their own pleasure.

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