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Frequently, households in the Mount Martha Area consider placing some items into self storage. This strategy provides a wonderful way to reduce clutter and optimize useful residential living space. Whether you find yourself relocating to a smaller home, or you simply need a more open, flexible Minimalist décor, consider storing several categories of personal belongings:


Send seasonal clothes and accessories into convenient Mount Martha Storage

Numerous households in Australia rely on seasonal possessions to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. Changing weather patterns during different periods of the year sometimes render certain items unnecessary for daily use much of the time. For instance, if you’ve invested in cold weather clothing for occasional trips to Tasmania, you likely won’t need to use these items during hot winter months. Why not store them away temporarily?

Take some time to evaluate the wardrobe requirements of everyone in your household from a seasonal standpoint. You’ll likely discover many items occupying closet space which fit the “seasonal” category. Hats, wraps, macs, and galoshes all sometimes fall into this clothing category. By sending these possessions into storage during part of the year, you’ll enhance the flexibility and convenience of frequently used household storage compartments.


Mount Martha Storage will secure infrequently used treasures

Does your household keep a second set of china or dinnerware for use on special occasions? Sometimes placing some of these items in a nearby self storage facility helps de-clutter a kitchen and dining room. By carefully labeling storage boxes, you’ll still enjoy the ability to retrieve essential items as necessary.

Maintaining some infrequently used household treasures in storage may even minimize unwelcome accidental damage and loss in some situations. Many busy households (especially those with children or energetic pets) impose heavy wear and tear on fragile possessions. For example, did a family member bequeath a particularly treasured (yet easily breakable) plate, vase, or lamp to you in the past? If a valued antique won’t fit your current decorating plans, you might decide to place it into temporary self storage. Retrieve it for display on appropriate occasions!


Place large (or bulky) items in a convenient self storage facility

Mount Martha Storage also offers a great location for keeping oversized or bulky possessions you use on infrequent occasions. From long surf boards to scuba diving gear, tents, canopies, ATVs, kayaks, and mountain climbing equipment, a wide array of useful gear may clutter residential closets and garages. A dry, secure storage unit provides a perfect repository for these unusually-sized materials!

It generally proves helpful to place more frequently used items in a readily accessible part of your storage unit. You’ll still maintain ready access to essential equipment or sports gear. However, by using a nearby storage facility, you won’t need to employ your immediate living space simply to maintain these belongings in a good condition.


Store essential (but infrequently used) files, books and papers

Many professionals need to retain copies of reference books, documents, and records for specific periods of time to meet legal requirements. These materials serve a valuable purpose. However, you’ll probably discover you consult some of them comparatively infrequently.

Consider placing this type of paperwork in temporary storage. You’ll want to ensure you select a secure, dry, well-maintained location. Additionally, this classification of storage item demands careful labeling. If you need to retain certain documents or files, you also require the capability to locate these materials efficiently whenever necessary.


Store one-of-a-kind memorabilia and mementos

Sometimes people acquire personally meaningful possessions which hold little or no market value in the opinion of others. Perhaps you’d prefer to retain these treasured items, yet you (or your spouse) may still not wish to keep them available for daily use in the home? Your favourite moth-eaten childhood teddy bear, a trophy earned decades ago at a summer camp, an old soccer ball, or a tattered crayon drawing created by a young son or daughter may fall into this category.

Fortunately, self storage units provide a great location for securing these types of personally meaningful treasures. You’ll have the opportunity to re-visit precious memories by taking these belongings out of storage on occasion. They might resemble “clutter” in the view of others, yet they hold powerful emotional connections in your heart. Don’t discard them simply to please other people. Keep them available in storage to remind you of important moments in your life!

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