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Whether you’re visiting the area for a few days or you plan on staying in the city for an extended period of time, there are numerous activities to keep you busy in Mornington. Many of the attractions things that you can do are outdoors, allowing you to see the beautiful scenery that the peninsula area offers. There are several family-friendly adventures that await if you have children.

Frankston art centre

If you enjoy art or want to stay indoors while exploring Mornington, then this is an attraction that you might want to consider. While in the centre, you can see paintings on the walls and sculptures of all sizes.

Beauty park

Explore the playground in the park as well as the hills and the tall sculptures. There is also a lake to enjoy. You can sit under one of the shelters to stay cool or use one of the grills to prepare a meal.

The briars park

Hike along some of the hills as well as some of the flat trails at the park. The area features several tall trees that create shade for the trails. A picnic area features shelters and tables to enjoy.

Sculpture park

This is a different type of attraction where you can see many sculptures that stand in the sand. Most of the sculptures are made of metal. You can see geometric designs as well as hearts and other shapes.

Safety beach

Spend the day outside on the beach where the water gently rolls along the shore. This is one of the smaller beaches, so you won’t have to worry about crowds as much as you would at larger beaches. There are plenty of seashells in the sand, and the water is clear, allowing you to see fish and other marine life.

Hot springs private tours

There are numerous private tours available where you can tour the beaches as well as the parks in Mornington. Most private tours include transportation in a spacious vehicle so that family and friends can explore the area as well.

The two bays

This is a park along the coastline that offers beautiful views of the water as well as the sandy shoreline. Climb on the cliffs for views of the waves as they crash against the base of the rocks.

Sunny ridge strawberry farm

Pick a few strawberries during the warmer months, or get fall fruits and vegetables when it’s cooler during the year. Workers at the farm pick strawberries and other items to sell if you don’t want to pick them yourself. A small gift shop features items made from the products that are grown as well as various souvenirs.

Main street

Walking along Main Street in Mornington is one of the activities that can take a few hours or a few minutes to complete depending on what you want to see. There are a few gift shops as well as cafes on the street so that you have a nice blend of things to do during the day.
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